We specialize in Fine Needle Aspirations of superficial “lumps and bumps”, particularly those located in the thyroid.  Other sites include lymph nodes, salivary glands and anything palpable.  We have proudly provided second opinions and served patients in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan area, Northern Virginia and Maryland since 1995.

Dr. Anne Busseniers is the Medical Director of the Metropolitan Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Service. The main office, where aspirations are done by palpation and under ultrasound guidance as well as the laboratory are located in Washington D.C.  Our second office is located in Bethesda, Maryland, where aspirations are done by palpation only.  

By Anne Busseniers, Owner, Metropolitan Fine Needle Aspiration Service.

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"Patients consistently comment about our caring and compassioniate ways as well as the kind, patient and helpful atmosphere we provide."
-Dr. Anne Busseniers, FASC, FATA

24-48 Hour Biopsy

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Lymph Nodes

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Thyroid Cancer

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Early Detection

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Customer Reviews”

"I have been working with Dr. Anne Busseniers, from Metropolitan Fine Needle Aspiration, for many years. Her professionalism, advanced skills, patient care, and knowledge are truly exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend her for all biopsies, including but certainly not limited to thyroid biopsies. Given her expertise and experience from performing over 1000 procedures per year, I am sure you will be extremely satisfied with the immediate results and exceptional care that you are given." Michelle Stahl

"Mesha Thomas, Dr. Busseniers’ assistant, will treat you with kindness and understanding from the time you make your appointment and every step of the way until after the aspiration biopsy. Patients consistently comment about our caring and compassioniate ways as well as the kind, patient and helpful atmosphere we provide."

Meet Dr. Busseniers

  • Performing FNAs Since 1988
  • +25,000 Successful Procedures
  • Nationally Recognized Speaker
  • Published Research Author
  • Board Certified in Cytopathology & Anatomic Pathology
  • DC & Bethesda MD Offices

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Service Areas & Locations

3 Washington Circle, #303, Washington, DC
6420 Rockledge Dr., #1200, Bethesda, MD
Phone: 202.463.5149
Fax: 202.463.5119
Website: http://metropolitanfineneedleaspiration.com
Email: info@metropolitanfineneedleaspiration.com

Patient Care & Confidentiality

At Metropolitan Fine Needle Aspiration Service, we believe that our patients deserve special care compassion and attention. We are committed to patient confidentiality and preserving their privacy.